Sunday, November 15, 2009

big news! :)

friday night dave and i had a hot date.  i guess it wasnt really that hot, just kid free.  we went and had dinner and then went to target alone!  with no screaming child!  :)  it was nice.  after that we decided to head up to our friends - Frank & Jessie's.  Shortly after we got there, Jess went to the bathroom and came out with a horrified look on her face.  She asked me to come to the other room where she handed me a pregnancy test!  there was a dark line and one other line that was very faint.  "IS that a LINE?"  I thought it was and she didnt have any more tests so off to the store we went.  I decided that I'd buy a box of tests too, just so we could compare lines because I knew I wasnt pregnant. 

We got back to her house (we almost took them at walmart and decided to go home instead) and we headed to the bathroom with our digital tests and plastic cups in tow.  she peed in her cup and got her test started while i peed in my cup and then i got my test started.  we're standing there in the bathroom, both watching the hour glass tick on our tests when all of a sudden... mine gave its result.  "PREGNANT."  I looked at Jess and said "OH MY GOD!"  to which she replied "Oh my god?"  and then i said again, "OH MY GOD!"  and then she looked at my test and screamed "OH MY GOD!!!"  we both started jumping up and down, laughing and squealing and hugging!  a few seconds after we calmed for a minute, we looked at hers and it said "NOT PREGNANT."  while i was sort of bummed that we wouldnt be pregnant together, we still did another rounds of OMG, jumping, laughing, squealing and hugging!  after we calmed down, we went out to tell the guys.  they both were ecstatic with the results!  :) 

i'm very excited!  i'm calling tomorrow to get an appointment with the OB.  if i have calculated everything right, my due date should be sometime in July of 2010. 

the exhaustion i had with addison hasnt kicked in yet, but i'm sure it will come.  for now, i'm off to bed! :)

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  1. that is such a good story! thanks for sharing and congrats again!