Thursday, October 22, 2009

my sister

my sister stayed over night last night. she had clinicals today at the hospital, had to be there at 630AM! insane! i'm so glad she stayed here rather than drive from CR, pay for parking and have to wait around for the bus. having her here is much, much better.

i was thinking this morning about how she's grown and changed from "my little sister" to "my little but adult sister." i love that i have a good enough memory to remember when she gave herself that first haircut, the time that we caught her kissing a boy behind the couch, and the time that she stuck that carrot up her nose. now those, of course, are really memorable things, but what i like about memorable things is that i even remember how i felt then. i remember being so upset when she cut her hair, being a little scared catching her kissing that boy behind the couch and i remember thinking it was pretty funny when she stuck that carrot up her nose.

we've made a lot of memories, my sister and i. i am so so so glad that she is a positive part of my life, that i can be completely myself around her and not have to worry that she will be a fast fading friend. anyway i guess what i'm trying to spit out is that i love having my sister so much and i sometimes feel that i dont let her know how much i appreciate her. so i guess this is me saying - callie - i love you and appreciate you SO much! and i should also say thank you to my parents, who gave me a really, really great gift on june 8th, 1990.

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