Friday, October 16, 2009

we're alive!

goodbye summer, hello fall. seems like i forgot about the blog all summer and sure enough when it gets cold again, i remember. :) its probably not a matter of remembering, but a matter of having more time when its cold? who knows.

our summer was pretty good. not too exciting but exciting enough. in june we just had addy & mommy adventures - which i sometimes do miss. we went out to des moines this month for BFF Logan's birthday party. she had a really good time being his passenger in his power wheels. i'll never forget that big smile on her face! someday its possible that they'll go through the stage of hating their childhood memories together, and then maybe someday they'll reminice about them and OMG what if they fell in love?!

july brought us the 4th of july, which we spent at my parents house. we played dress up, she had a few truck rides. we didnt go to the parade or watch fireworks... shh, she's not old enough to beg to go yet! :) later on in july she peed in the big girl potty for the first time. i also started my own in home daycare this month. Emma joined us for our adventures!

august came and went. we went out to des moines to the state fair, we went to the amana colonies, and of course, Jeffrey's birthday! i cannot believe that he is 1 already. it seems like babies grow too fast for me! it seems like just yesterday he was a little guy... now he seems so grown up!

september. ah september! the month of various seasons! we dug out the coats this month, which in turn had addison asking for her hat. she didnt really need her stocking cap already but she insisted. which to be honest - i'm okay with this! i love the fact that she wants to wear something, and its even better when its something that will become a necessity as it gets colder out. we had labor day, a geocaching event and lots of playtime outside this month. Emma and Addison have a lot of fun together in our backyard! i'm so glad that i have it to share with her! we hid our first geocache this month which was an experience for us! you learn that not all people are as kind as you think they are, that your opinion is obviously not the same as others, and that sometimes you just have to take things with a grain of salt and move on!

and now onto october! its definitely fall outside and we've already had our "first" snow. it didnt stick of course but it was still snowing! Addy wasnt quite aware of what it was but the cats were very interested and couldnt stop looking out the windows! Addison, Emma and I have been on a few adventures so far this month. Early in the month we went to the mall on a rainy day and utilized their play equipment! both of the girls had a lot of fun. we also stopped at the childrens museum that day and got to see some fish and a turtle. Addy insisted that they were frogs! she kept yelling "ReREre!" at them - which is her little voice saying "RIBBIT!" it was pretty cute. Our weekends have been spent geocaching this month. it seems like perfect weather for it because its not too hot. we've been at a lot of parks with play equipment and i've been finding it a little hard to let go and let addy climb the big toys and go down the BIG slides! it amazes me what she is doing now versus a year ago. we've hidden 3 more caches this month, taking things not so personally is hard, but we havent had too many issues! lastly so far for this month: the pumpkin patch today! the first thing that happened after we got out of the van was Emma falling down in the mud! she was so excited that she tripped over her own feet. :( she was still excited after she fell though - she fell in MUD! fun! :)

and some cute sayings from Addison:
Mommy: Are you okay Addy!? Addison: I'M FINE!
Mommy: Say love you, pop-pop, bye bye! Addison: Lub you poppa buh bye!
Mommy: Who is that? (pointing to grandma) Addison: GR!
Mommy: Trick or Treat! Addison: Tick Teat!! (LOL)
And lastly... Addison: BUH BYE! BUH BYE!





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  1. love that HUGE grin while she was riding/driving the power wheel!!!!!